Why choose us ?

Using Webreed will save your time, your energy and your money. Due to our expertise in breeding, we know very well the job and the daily problems the breeders can encounter. That's why we developped a terrific tailored tool for them !

All in one place
Announces, website & tools for your breeding.

Starts at 0€HT per month.
Good value for money
From equal quality, our solution is cheaper than any other. Take a look !

Great customer service
We are here for you by phone, email or messenger.

Your data is secure and private
Data privacy is important for us. So, we don't use or sell your data or the data of your adoptants in any way.

Optimized for search engines
Our websites are optimized for search engines (such as Google). Fill your announces and website with the good keywords and we will do the rest !

Fully responsive
YOU NEED to have a website compatible with smartphones ! Users are spending more than 90% of their Internet time on mobile phones.

Webreed, gestion d'élevage félin et canin tout en un

All from one unique place !

Now, with Webreed, you do all this stuff from just one unique place :
  • Create a beautiful website, professionnal and reliable.
  • Post your announces, it is free and illimited.
  • Manage your breeding like a professionnal breeder. Our tools are powerful and help you everyday.
You will have more time and more fun with your breeding animals ;)
Webreed : solution économique de gestion élevage

Good money for value, check it out !

Manage your dogs breeding or your cattery.
With us
Starts at 0€HT per month. All the Webreed tools to manage your dogs breeding or your cattery for free! Webreed becomes a paid service only if you need more storage. You can simulate the plan you need here : Check it.
With others
There are no competitors with all the tools we offer. And the ones who exist on some areas will ask you to pay to use the software.
Create professionnal, reliable and optimized website for your breeding.
With us
Starts at 0€HT per month. Our websites are SEO optimized, modern, beautiful, designed for improving the User experience and making easy for your visitors to contact you on any page.
With others
For the kind of websites, you will have to hire a professionnal developper and pay hundreds to thousands of euros or try to DIY with a free or low cost platform for a non professional result.
Free updates for your breeding software and custom developments
With us
Our breeding software is constantly evolving. We update it regularly and it doesn't cost you anything extra. We also work on personalized developments when these can be useful to our community of breeders.
With others
Others will charge you for updates and personnalized developments.
Print some documents, gain time and spare money !
With us
You will have access to printed documents such as arrivals and departures registry, health registry, individual page for each animal. You will also print option, reservation and sale contracts in one click !
With others
No online solution can provide you this service for now and for example, a registry of arrivals and departures cost an average of 35€ in France.
Keep your data and the data of your adoptants private !
With us
We guarantee the privacy of your data.

We will never use it commercially in any way. We will never sell informations registered in your database. This is one of our core value.
With others
Other companies that provide free tools will use your private informations to resell it or exploit it in a commercial way.
Register your breeding page on our dogs / cats announces website and be visible to hundreds of visitors each day.
With us
This is FREE !
With others
You have to pay an average of 20€ per year and per breed, just for the page with no other services.
Publish sale announces for your animals on a specialized website.
With us
Free announces are included and match to your plan.
With others
You have to pay an average of 5€ per announce, limited in time.
Webreed : un service client à votre écoute

Excellent Customer Service

We have a great customer service. We are easily reachable by phone, email or direct chat on our website or via Facebook messenger. We try our best to find solution to your problem and we are always happy to help. Never hesitate to contact us !

Send us a message

Your data is secure and private.

Data privacy is very important for us. Even if you have not subscribed to any plan, we will not sell your data or the data of your adoptants to other companies ... Our servers are well secured by a professionnal developper and located in France.

So, you can use our services with a peace of mind.
We will always take care of you and your data !

Webreed : votre site web élevage optimisé pour le réferencement et mobile

SEO optimized & responsive !

More than 90% of internet users are on mobile. Nowadays, more than 60% simply quit a website if it doesn't fit to mobile. So, that is clear that you NEED a responsive website and that's we offer to you with our premium plans.
As important as the mobile user experience, the SEO optimization is a real game changer. The structure of our websites are optimized for search engines. If you feed it correctly and regularly, your website will be more visible than ever.