Professional website, optimized for breeders

With Webreed, create a beautiful, functionnal and reliable breeding website which let you and your pets shine !

- Website for dog breeder

- Website for cat breeder

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Feed Google,
improve your SEO

Register your animals and we will generate some pages automatically for you. For examples: the page of the animal, the pages of your colors, breed(s) ... It is a gain of time but more than anything, it is a real asset to grow your SEO.

We also offer you the possibility to blog and create pages, in order to bring fresh content and animate your website.

You will feed Google and improve your organic search engine results as soon as you use Webreed !


No ads on your website !
Be professional and reliable.

We think that ads are one of the worse thing on a breeding website ... It can make the navigation difficult or even impossible ... And your brand can be harmed by inappropriate ads ! As soon as you subscribe to Webreed, we offer you a space free of ads. Your breeding website will be professionnal, reliable, with no difficulties of navigation and make adopters very confident.


Customize your breeding website

No coding and no skills required. If you already have a brand identity, you can easily accord it to your website. Choose one template, use a premade color palette or set your own colors, add your banner or choose a font to make a great title !

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