Dog breeding management

Webreed, software for dog breeding. Starts at 0€ ! Free plan available.

Online software, available from your smartphone or your laptop. You can run your dog breeding in few clicks.

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With our breeding management software


Manage and add some automation in your clients relationshop. Create some waiting lists. Send newsletters. Print the documents of your puppies in seconds : contracts, invoices, individual cards ...

Genetic and health tests

Record all the genetic tests of your dogs, make it public or not on your website. Track the health of your dogs : vaccinations, heats, treatments ... Generate your the health record of the breeding and print it if needed.

Dogs & puppies

Create individual pages of your dogs and puppies, print it if required. Manage the external matings. Record your marriages, estimate the date of whelping ...

Features of Webreed, dogs breeding software

This list is not exhaustive. Features of our dogs breeding software are constantly evolving.

Dogs & litters records : weight, health, genetic tests, microchip, color ...
Health of your breeding, record : vaccinations, treatments, surgeries, heats, tests ...
Calendar with alerts by email, system for repetitive events etc
Adoptants record with a waiting-list and interests system
Mailbox, newsletters tool
Contracts system : to create and print your contracts in seconds !
Accounting : record your expenses and revenus, see statistics
Shows record : record each show and publish results easily
Breeding Record Book for Dogs : record the inputs and outputs
Free sale announces of your puppies
Selfchecks : register the hygrometry and temperature of your dogs breeding

If you need a new feature, contact us and we will study your demand.

Webreed is a strong software for dog breeding, developped by breeders for breeders.

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Management of your dog breeding with Webreed

Below, some screenshots of our dog breeding software : dog pages, litters, reservations, adoptants records ...

Dogs and puppies cards

On the dogs cards, you can register all the essential datas of the dog : parents, origins, identification numbers (chip id, tattoo id, pedigree id ...), health events, genetic tests, charactéristics such as colour, the weight ... You can also create the sale or the reservation of the dog, publish the sale announce ... Those datas are used for creating documents (contratcs of sale, record of the breeding ...) or for displaying on your website.

Dog breeding card

Monitoring the matings and litters

Follow the matings and litters, estimate the date of whelping, find out at a glance the list of your puppies and their status (available; reserved, sold ...), add photos, private or public comments, register health events (vaccination, treatments ...).

Litter management for dog breeding

Efficient and powerful customer's database

Create and use your clients database : create waiting lists for your puppies, view the customer's history, contact them by mail or phone, send to them newsletters and establish a qualitative relationship with them.

Litter management for dog breeding

Option, reservation and sale contracts

Save you contract templates using the datas of your breeding, dogs and puppies you will have registered in Webreed. Automate and create your contracts in 3 clicks. You can even send it by email to your adoptants.

contract dog breeding

Webreed, the breeding software you need !

Webreed is nowadays the most complete breeding software of the market. All your datas will be available in one place, it will help you to gain time, energy and money. Try it or contact us for help. Efficient customer service for you !